Forms, Policies, Bylaws

Forms, Handbooks, Policies, and Bylaws

Below is a list of the most common forms needed by Statistics graduate students.

You can find the Graduate Program Administrative Bylaws here.

You can find the 2019-20 Statistics Program Handbook here.

For a full list of available forms, please go to the Graduate Studies website.

PLEASE NOTE: Grad Studies requires their forms to be filled out electronically (ie, typed), then printed to be signed. No handwritten forms please.

*For Statistics Ph.D. students, please select Plan A. Biostatistics Ph.D. students use Plan C. For a list of forms relevant to Biostats students, please visit .

Forms are submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies (250 Mrak Hall); please make sure that a copy is left with the Graduate Programs Coordinator (PhD: Sarah Driver; MS: Jillian Hancock) for your files. If you have any questions regarding these forms please ask the Graduate Programs Coordinator.


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