Computer Labs

Computer Labs

The Department of Statistics maintains two computer labs for use by its graduate students.

LAB1 (1139 MSB) consists of 18 Windows 7 workstations.

LAB2 (1135 MSB) consists of 12 Windows 7 workstations.

Each lab also has a printer, and an A/V setup for projection.

The department also maintains a TA Office, which has 4 Windows 7 workstations, along with a printer, flatbed scanner, and a sheet-fed scanner.

The TA office is only available to active teaching assistants.

Login to the above systems is with your campus loginID/passphrase.

Please note:

- The LAB computers are intended for interactive use only. Do not leave jobs running on them expecting them to complete. You should instead use the compute servers.

- Do not unplug the network or power connections going to the computers.

- You must not connect your personal laptop directly to the lab network. Use wireless.