STA 290 Seminar: Can Minh Le

Event Date

Remotely Presented via Zoom

Speaker: Can Minh Le, Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of California, Davis

Title: Network regression and its inference

Abstract: Network data, representing interactions and relationships between units, have become ubiquitous with the rapid development of science and technology. Analyzing such complex and structurally novel data requires new ideas and tools beyond the scope of classical statistics. In this talk, we will assume that a standard response-predictors data set is available, and observations are connected by a network. We will introduce a new framework for estimating and making inference of regression coefficients with network effects. Inference requirements in the presence of observational errors related to network structures will also be discussed. 

Seminar Date/Time: Thursday April 16th, 4:10pm

This seminar will be delivered remotely via Zoom. To access the Zoom meeting for this seminar, please contact the instructor Shizhe Chen ( or Pete Scully ( for the meeting ID and password, stating your affiliation.