PTA Policy

The Department of Statistics cannot guarantee you a seat in the class if you are on the wait list, so please find a backup plan as soon as possible.  Whenever possible our department tries to expand the capacity of the class, but we are sometimes limited by classroom space and TA and instructor resources.  Your instructor will keep you informed about any developments related to enrollment.  If expansion is not possible, your only way to get off of the wait list is if enrolled students drop the course. Please do not request a PTA number from your instructor, advising staff, or peer advisors. PTA numbers are only issued for extenuating circumstances related to graduation. 

Students who request PTA numbers from their instructors and/or the department may only do so if they are eligible for a PTA number based off of the PTA Policy stipulations below. Please note that students who attempt to mislead their instructors and/or department staff about their situation in attempts to justify the need for a PTA, will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs.

Additional Information:

  • PTA numbers will only be issued if students can provide documentation of their extenuating circumstance related to graduation.   

    • The only appropriate documentation will be an e-mail from the student's major advisor confirming that the student has no other options. 

  • PTA numbers will only be issued after the 12th day of instruction (when the wait list ends).   

  • Below are NOT acceptable reasons to issue a PTA number: 

    • Classes dropped due to non-payment of fees 

    • Classes dropped accidentally 

    • Circumventing course registration restrictions (e.g. Pass 1 registration restricted to STA majors) 

    • Time conflicts with other classes (unless they receive an exception from their instructors and the course does not have a wait list) 

    • Missing Pass 1 or Pass 2 registration  

    • The class is listed on their academic plan for the current quarter  

    • Completing a Statistics Minor 

    • Completing a Statistics Major (if they have other opportunities to take the course and it does not delay their graduation beyond the usual graduation timeline

    • To repeat a course in which the student has received a passing grade (D- or higher)

    • Completing STA classes for other university requirements (e.g. General Education, Natural Science and Math Requirement) 

    • This course is recommended for a job, internship, research position, or admission to a graduate program 

    • To maintain full time status

    • To meet the minimum progress requirement